Charcot foot

Charcot foot is a condition causing weakening of the bones in the foot that can occur in people who have significant nerve damage (neuropathy). The bones are weakened enough to fracture, and with continued walking, the foot eventually changes shape. As the disorder progresses, the joints collapse and the foot takes on an abnormal shape, such as a rocker-bottom appearance.

Charcot foot is a serious condition that can lead to severe deformity, disability and even amputation. Because of its seriousness, it is important that patients living with diabetes—a disease often associated with neuropathy—take preventive measures and seek immediate care if signs or symptoms appear.

David A. Kretch, DPM originally from Cleveland, earned his bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University and his doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from Kent State University. He then completed his residency training in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery with added credentialing in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery at Rush University Medical Center. During his residency, David Kretch, DPM was trained on the latest and most advanced techniques by leading podiatric and orthopedic surgeons in the Chicago area. He also completed a mini fellowship in dermatopathology at Bako diagnostics. After residency, Dr. Kretch, gained further clinical experience working in private practice in Chicago, and as teaching faculty at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Dr. Kretch is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and is an Associate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Institute of Podiatric Medicine and Development.

All of these experiences have prepared Dr. Kretch for a comprehensive podiatric practice, where he employs evidence-based protocols in the surgical and medical treatment of foot and ankle pathology. He takes pride in utilizing cutting edge surgical techniques as a last result in patients who fail or would not benefit from a more conservative approach and he strives to care for each of his patients as if they were members of his own family.

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