Our Story

The Beginning

Dr. Neal Marks opened his podiatry practice in 1992, where he has successfully treated the South Euclid and Rocky River communities of Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Marks built a practice founded on integrity and quality patient care to all, which has earned him, his associates, and his practice a lasting reputation for excellence.

Introducing: Dr. David Kretch

As a podiatric medicine student at Kent State University, David Kretch spent an invaluable amount of time being mentored by Dr. Marks. It is at this practice where the now Dr. David Kretch, DPM learned every aspect of his life calling – from learning to file paperwork to knowing the importance of getting to know patients.

Dr. Kretch continued his education in Chicago to complete his residency at Rush University Medical Center, eventually working for a private practice in the greater Chicago area, learning the most advanced techniques. However, it was his desire to bring his knowledge and skills back to serve the community he loves.

Passing of the Torch

As an esteemed podiatrist, Dr. Kretch began working for Dr. Neal Marks, bringing with him the latest, cutting-edge podiatry treatments available. Recently, Dr. Kretch purchased the practice from Dr. Marks to fulfill his dream of modernizing foot and ankle care in his hometown of Cleveland. Elevate Foot and Ankle is a center of excellence and is leading the way in advancing podiatric care. It is the aim of Dr. Kretch and his team to elevate the sole and restore the livelihoods of all patients by providing the most modern and advanced podiatry treatments available.